Day 2 in Timisoara

On the second day in Timisoara.

I am still busy setting up this blog. I am trying to organise this thing. What to write about and what specifically to write.

Right now, I can say I like travelling, I like venturing into digital nomadism, and test this out. The life that I keep hearing about but never kind of completed it. I start it and then run out of money or loose motivation and then I compel myself to go back to being a boring programmer in front of the screen.

Well this time, it feels different.

I badly want to make this work. Probably not the best mindset for this, but a mindset nonetheless.

I worked mostly on the blog.

I wanted to get cracking so I went to the same place that I had breakfast yesterday. Neața Omlette Bistro. I had a bagel.

I am using this blog currently to document what I am doing and how I am doing stuff mainly.

Also to provide some insights into how I travel and something that can be useful for you. I am trying to be transparent here because I want you to understand the process of […]

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