How To Practice Curiosity? Dismantle Your Fears With Curiosity

Curiosity can be practiced. Some say it cannot be taught or learned. I think it can be.

When we are born, we are very curious. We want to try new things. We were not afraid to fail. We tried things after things, we learned from our mistakes. And perfected the craft of walking for example.

Now, I think it is not that we are not curious, it is marred by our fear of failure and ridicule.

We are even afraid to ask a simple question when having a conversation out of the fear of coming across as stupid.

How to Practice Curiosity?

Learn to be present

Live in the moment. Be curious about the now. Become mindful. When you become more and more mindful you start to notice the details. And these details lead to more curiosity.

What are the sounds that are coming into your awareness? What do you smell? What are the sensations in your body? How are you holding yourself? Just notice. You don’t have to answer these things, watch what comes up in your mind.

Watch your thoughts.

When talking to someone, be curious about your judgements about the person. Is there something that is irritating you about this person? […]

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How To Not Take Things Personally: You Are As Nasty As Anyone Else

If you don’t want to take things personally, you need to understand that people are not nice. It is not healthy to see others as superior in being virtuous and whatever they say is true without question. This comes from thinking that you are wrong. That there is something wrong with you, and everyone else is perfect.

People are nasty, and when they say harsh words it is because of them. That is the way you develop a thick skin. By understanding that the whole world does not revolve around you.

Taking things personally, is in fact, the highest form of selfishness. The word does not revolve around you. Everything that is being said and happening around you is not because of you. It is a twisted way of feeling important, by saying it is because of me.

Don’t think for a moment, others are nasty, and you are virtuous. That you are the good person, but all the bad things happen to you. You are equally nasty. The faster you accept that, the quicker power will return to you and will see others as equally nasty, they are nothing special. The beauty though, […]

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22 Quick and Easy Confidence Building Exercises To Do Daily

Below are some simple things that you can do daily to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. These are simple enough and does not take much time, so you can integrate them into your life. Some of them are simple adjustments to what you are already doing. Others are exercises that you can do sitting down such as meditation and journaling. You don’t have to do everything, choose things that you can easily do and the ones that are most effective to you.

1. Take space when you sit and stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Posture and physiology affects your mood and confidence. This will allow you to think self-affirming thoughts, and change your mood. Taking space is an act of saying “I matter” and standing straight with your shoulders back is a stance where you are reading to participate in life.

2. Make fists and make a V in the air

Another posture to influence your mood is to make a fist and throw up in the air like a “V” and hold it for 2-3 seconds. It is simple but effective.

3. The superman/wonder woman stance

You can also stand like […]

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How Can I Develop Self-Confidence? Using Meditation For Confidence

People talk about becoming “confident”. They search for “what are the characteristics of a confident person?”, “how do confident people act?”, “how can I develop self-confidence?” etc.

There are several tools to do this. More than the tools, you need to understand the basic foundation for confidence, which is described below.

You cannot control others’ opinions about you

All these questions imply that there is an external onlooker who is evaluating you as confident or not. These are not great questions to ask. That kind of confidence is not confidence. It is a need to feel worthy by validation from others. To be seen as a person of value.

You can never achieve confidence this way. Because people judge you from their viewpoint, they actions are in response to how they view you. You cannot control other’s judgements about you however hard you try.

The only onlooker is the judge in your mind

But there is an onlooker, it is the judge in your mind.

The only way to be truly confident is to intrinsically feel valuable. Confidence comes from within. In fact, it is already there. But you have mental programs that is covering up your confidence.

Internalisation of voices from parents, […]

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What is Self Confidence?

What is a good self confidence definition?

There are several definitions, it is better understood with it’s counter parts such as self esteem and self efficacy. It has some good definitions from the dictionaries, but also is a vaguely understood concept. Is it a personality trait or willingness to try?

A search in google gives you the following definition

A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

Merriam webster says

confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities

Wikipedia says

The concept of self-confidence is commonly used as self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc. One increases self-confidence from experiences of having mastered particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do.

Self confidence according to Mel Robbins.

In this video she says, confidence is not a personality trait whereas it is the willingness to try.

Whereas Albert Bandura says

Let us not confuse ourselves by failing to recognise that there are two kinds of self-confidence—one a trait of personality and another that comes from knowledge of a subject. It is no particular credit to the educator to help build the first without building the […]

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45 Tips For Happiness In Life – A Manual For Happiness

Here are some practical steps and tips for happiness in life that you can start implementing today.

Happiness requires choice

Happiness requires choice from your part. The world itself is filled with confusion.

Choose a perspective that is helpful to you and support your happiness. One can choose to look at life as a series of negative and unfortunate occurrences or you can view it as something helpful and positive.

In other words, happiness is created not discovered. It is a choice.

Happiness requires active risk-taking

No one gets happy by passively accepting whatever the life throws at them.

Actively go for what you want, knowing you are actively participating in creating your life, makes you happy.

Continuously take risks that scare you. This builds your “courage” muscles. Knowing you are acting courageously improves your self-image.

The passiveness is riskier in that regard, because you are acting at the cost of your confidence.

Happiness involves faith or ‘As-if’ thinking

One of the main ingredients is ‘As-if” thinking, this means that you should be open to the things that you don’t know.

In order to learn something new, you need to keep aside all your current beliefs and believe in something new. You need to be willing to […]

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4 Stages of Learning Any Skill

4 Stages of Learning Any Skill

Conscious competence ladder or Four stages of learning or Four stages of teaching?

This was first articulated by Martin M Broadwell as “four stages of teaching”, later developed as Four Stages of Learning Any New Skill in the 1970s by Noel Burch who was an employee at Gordon Training International. Also sometimes referred to as conscious competence ladder.

When it comes to learning a new skill, this model can shine some awareness into the emotional and psychological stages that you go through.

This will allow you to be aware of what is happening and make better decisions during the learning process.

This model is based on the premise that before learning any new skill an individual goes through a 4 stage psychological process.

level of competency

Unconscious incompetence – You don’t know that you can’t do it well.

This is often the first step in learning any new skill. He simply does not know until someone tells him or he comes across a situation that brings this incompetence into his awareness. At this stage he moves on to the next one. We […]

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Why You Don’t Trust Yourself

People have asked me ‘do you trust others?’

They say, it must be because I don’t trust myself.

That I don’t trust others.

I don’t know.

But I do know this.

I don’t trust others when I don’t know them.

I don’t know if they are a threat to me and they will act in my best interests.

And if I don’t trust myself it is because of the same reason.

I think I am unpredictable.

I don’t know myself.

I don’t know if I act in my best interests or I am a threat to myself.

Even if I were a threat to myself, knowing that will give me some confidence to trust myself.

At least I know, where I stand.

I have not explored the depths of who I am.

I don’t know how I will react to people, things and situations.

I don’t know me.

And how I can I trust me when I don’t know myself?

You don’t trust yourself because you don’t know yourself.

One must know himself.

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Nobody Understands Me

“Nobody understands me”

Have you ever thought of this?

I used to have this thought.

I dug deeper.

I have this thought because ‘I don’t understand myself’.

I justify myself with thoughts that justifies my actions. Then I give these reasons to someone else.

And I am judging myself from inside, the don’t understand me.

Why? because I don’t believe in it myself

These are excuses, made up thoughts.

I have sat down and thought about it, to make sense of what happened.

May be it is a situation that I feel responsible for.

May be I feel humiliated and I want to protect my self image.

Then I make up reasons to protect this image, tell the other that this is why I behaved like that.

I don’t want you to reject me.

But, I am rejecting myself, the other is often unaware of this.

The truth is I don’t understand me.

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How To Build Confidence And Destroy Fear In 30 Days

How do you build confidence and destroy fear? Well it is not that complicated. Here are some tips.

It is not all in your head

“It is all in your head! don’t worry take a breath”

How many of you have heard this from a friend when you are afraid. ‘Don’t worry, it is all in your head’

Well, the fear is very real.

And that comment is not going to help.

The good news is though that you can train your mind to trick fear.

So, what cures fear?

Each action that is taken towards facing the fear, cures the fear a little.

Action cures fear.

For example, you are afraid of failing in the exam? Well study more. That will be a positive action that will give you more confidence.

Spend more time taking action to cure the fear that spending worrying.

That is just simple common sense.

Another example, you’re worried that your relationship is falling apart?

Well take actions that will contribute to your relationship. Enquire about your partner, as them how they are feeling. Go on a date or whatever that you guys feel that will nurture the relationship. Offer […]

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