How to book cheap flights – The Most Effective Ways

Here are some tips on how to book cheap flights.

I know how much you want to get the best deals out there when it comes to planning your holiday. I understand. And you can bag some good deals if you have some basic knowledge on how to find them.

Use popular search engines

There are many popular search engines out there. The ones that I use are,, and

And that is the order that I always search in. First Kiwi, then Momondo and then Skyscanner and lastly Kayak.

I also use some specialist websites that are built for a specific purpose – for example to design my stop overs I use

Kiwi’s website and app are good for finding the cheapest flights. I can easily look for several flight combinations that will give me the cheapest prices. That is what I like the most about kiwi.

The search engine does this by checking with different airline companies and joining them, instead of sticking with just one airline. Or flying you into a major hub in a region and then taking a domestic connection from there.

Because the legs of the trip can […]

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These Best Mindfulness Meditation Apps Have the Answers to Everything

When it comes to meditation people have a various questions, how to meditate, “I am a beginner, how do I meditate?”, “should I join a meditation retreat?”, join a cult, “should I be a full time or part time hippie?”, “should I go out shopping for vintage clothes and weird stones to wear to be able to meditate?” etc.

The essence of meditation is to be able to have a mind that is able to stand alone, without prejudices, judgement, not conflict with itself and no effort. It does not mean no thoughts, but the ability to see how thoughts, feelings, words distort one’s perception of the world.

For a beginner this might be a tad difficult to grasp. Especially if he/she wants to try meditation in order to fix something. In that case meditation only becomes a tool towards achieving something. Hence you are moving away from the experience of meditation.

A whole new set of attitude needs to be understood in order to approach meditation the right way. No grasping, no running, no fixing, no wanting to fix – none of that. But simply observing the inner workings of your mind – your psyche.

It is essentially […]

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How to travel Europe by Bus – Travelling Europe on a Budget

Bus travel can be comfortable too…

Are you as intimidated by bus travel as I am?

I used to be scared at the thought of bus travel. I have not done any long bus journeys in the beginning of my travels. Living in London meant that there is no need to do so. I was not interested in travelling within the UK and when I wanted to, I took the trains or a flight. And I travelled by plane to most places when I wanted to go outside the UK.

The thought of bus travel came to me only when I started slow travelling about a few years ago and when I heard from other travellers staying at my hostel or other long-term travellers. I was surprised to learn about the cheap ticket prices as compared to other means of transport.

I quickly learned actually how convenient and comfortable it can be. Of course, I am not going to exaggerate by saying that a 7-hour bus ride is more comfortable than a 55 minutes flight journey. Of course not. But the point is that depending on priorities when you travel bus travel is worth considering. It is becoming increasingly […]

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Digital Ocean for WordPress Hosting Review

When it comes to choosing a hosting service for a wordpress blog, the usual responses are Bluehost or Siteground. Well, This blog is hosted on Digital Ocean. I chose digital ocean because of its simplicity and speed in setting up a wordpress blog. Also, it was a bit more appealing to me given my programming background. But don’t be fooled. You don’t need any specific tech skills to host a wordpress site on digital ocean.

It is easy.

Droplets – dedicated server

Digital Ocean offers something called as droplets to work with, they are like small virtual computers in the cloud. You have an entire machine for yourself. This does not mean there is a physical machine for you. But rather a virtual machine that is dedicated only to you. No one else is sharing that machine with you.

You are free to create a new droplet and destroy it at your will.

Droplets come in two flavours standard and CPU optimised. For a blog similar to this only needs a standard droplet. CPU optimised droplets help do intensive computational jobs.

Signing up and plans

How much you pay for your hosting depends on how you configure your droplets. The basic droplet […]

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How to Avoid Bad Hostels – Tips on Booking Hostels

Booking accommodation can be stressful for any holidays, there are so many things to consider. But here are some basics on booking hostels, that will take the stress out of it and make it a bit easier.

Hostels are good for having a good social atmosphere that you won’t get in a hotel. Force yourself to stay in a hostel to get out of your own head every once in a while, get out of your comfort zone in a good way. That does not mean that you should stay in bad hostels, so here are some tips to avoid them.

Match your personality

Pick a hostel matching your personality. Are you a party animal? Then you might want to pick a party hostel than a laid-back chill hostel.

I personally am not a party animal, so I tend to go for hostels that have good reviews about being quiet rather than having a noisy buzzing environment.

Contrary to the popular belief that you won’t be able to meet other travellers if staying in non-party hostels, you can actually make some meaningful connections with other travellers in non-party hostels. Why? Because most of them are sober J  You just need […]

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Planning To Visit the Cheaper Finland – Estonia

I am taking some days off chilling in Warsaw before my trip to Estonia. I will be meeting with one of my friends there and we have eight days planned. Because that was how much vacation days he could take.

Travelling from Warsaw to Tallinn seems like effort. If I take the bus it is about 19 hours, but I don’t think I can stomach it. The alternative is to take a combination of trains and buses, via Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn stopping and staying in those places. With only one week left to the trip I suspect spending 2 nights in each town be worth it. Besides I am not a fan of 2-day trips to anywhere.

I would rather spend a couple of weeks doing nothing, doing what I like, which is writing and spend time like that. Sometimes out of the need to generate content for my blog, I go out and visit some places. To create the next “Top things to do in a city”.

I don’t think I am a great fan of sightseeing that way, though I like travelling just for the feel and experience of travelling, new places, many trains […]

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What Not to Do When Facing Your Fears

We all want to overcome fear, conquer fear and be courageous, be bold to take big risks, so you can be successful. Because taking big risks means having confidence and therefore leading to success. Right? That is what is being marketed anyway.

As long as confidence and fearlessness are in the equation of having success – if you “cultivate” or have more of it you will become successful one day. Confidence is the thing that you are missing, or the fears are standing in your way.

Then you have things like “lean into fear” taking small steps and all sorts of methodologies to beat fear in order to become confident and fearless.

Meditation to beat fear without even knowing what meditation really is.

So, you do that.

You take courses after courses, workshops after workshops.


The fears seem to persist, once you conquer one, another one creeps in. Or, it comes about in a different form.

You want to overcome your fear of rejection, so you go out and get rejected by people, you get comfortable with that.

And then you come across something else that you want to do – the fear is still there. Can you do this for every fear […]

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Why You Should Visit Lviv, Ukraine – Legends, Whips, Gas lamps and Baby sharks

Ukraine was my first destination after my Chile trip for my friend’s wedding.  I was conflicted whether to spend more days in South America or come back to Europe. Ukraine had been on my mind for some time now. Lviv especially, since a colleague of mine when I was working in Amsterdam mentioned it a few years back.

I had my reservations about Ukraine.

I was thinking,

Is it safe enough to visit? What the media portrays, how far is it from reality?

For I’d been told not to trust the news and mass media at all when travelling.

From Kiev To Lviv By Train

I landed in Kiev first. I did not like Kiev very much. People were rude to me. They were not friendly.


I understand that people don’t owe me help, but if at all help was needed, I could not easily find help. Luckily, I’d gotten a local sim card when I landed, and the internet made my life easier.

It is not to say everyone is like that, maybe it was because they were overworked in the capital city.

I often worry about racism and physical harm when I travel, something that I am working on, in terms of […]

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Forcing motivation is like trying to force an orgasm

You all know the times when you wake up – and then you say to yourself – this is a great day! I am going to do great things! – and you cannot even get up. Then you excuse yourself, “okay I got up late”, but I am going to make up for it for the rest of the day. And at the end of the day, you have not done much, you feel shitty.

“I will do it tomorrow” – “I will make up for it tomorrow”. You can’t wait for it to be the morning. Lying in your bed, you are planning in your head the best execution plan and how you are going to do it the next day.

That never happens. Instead, the cycle repeats!

You all know what I am talking about?

There is just not enough motivation to be NOT LAZY and do something.

The safety of familiarity and the challenge of your competence – the perfect yin and yang

Sometimes I feel like doing things. Sometimes I don’t. For this reason, I think motivation comes and goes.

I don’t want to do things, sometimes, because I am uncomfortable attempting new things – it is a […]

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Is Living Worry Free Our Greatest Anxiety?

We try to change our thoughts in the hope that we can affect our emotions. Because we are resistant to feeling fear, anger, sadness, restlessness, agitation, boredom, shame, unworthiness, loneliness etc.

What if you were at more peace with these states of being? Would not that stop you from hating your thoughts so much. Would a negative thought cause so much harm anymore? The harm is not caused by the thought itself. Rather, it is caused by your action of hating yourself. You cannot control hating you for hating you either. That is just how it is. You cannot control any of this. Maybe it is time to wake up to this.

Would not we resign from our lives then? If we were to accept everything, would we make use of our lives? But, is not that another anxious thought again. You are missing every moment.

You are not really living because you are always worried about the future, not just you, me too. Us. We are not really living.

Can we just drop all sorts of worrying? Now that causes real anxiety. Because the answer is very unsure. It is irresponsible to drop worrying, right? It […]

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