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A practical tool that you can start doing from today.

I have been doing this practice called Victory Log.

It is simply this.

Log something in your notes in your phone, every time I have a victory.

A victory can be anything from making the bed to making a $1000 sale.

It can be as simple as ‘I had a thought where I appreciated myself’ Because often people judge the judgement.

And I have seen that I am feeling better and better every time that I write something in there. Because it is an act of acknowledgement.

How many times we give ourselves chance to appreciate ourselves.

And when I am telling myself “I did not do anything productive today” or I am having self defeating thoughts. I just look at this. And it gives me a smile.

It is a practical tool that you can start doing today.

Mine usually looks like

– I wrote an article on my blog
– I gave a tip on personal development to my readers
– I made my bed
– I meditated for 20 mins today
– I looked for writing jobs online
– I said hello to a stranger

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Here’s a good book from Jack Canfield that I listen constantly. I have the audiobook version. This tool is mentioned in there.

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Having been travelling for 4 years now, I write about travel, personal growth tips and my internal world here. I am excited to share with you, tools and tricks that I have learned along the way.

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